Lupus Dux

Executive Leadership
and Expedition Institute

Learning to lead and living in the Namibian wilderness

Crises and challenges are part of life and everyday life. It is precisely in such situations that the focus is on leaders. Their role is to take responsibility and act with confidence: quick thinking, resilience and decisiveness are required.

When faced with extraordinary challenges, three essential things are important:

Leadership skills

Specialised skills

Resilient network

This is exactly where Lupus Dux comes in: Our exceptional courses in Namibia’s wilderness enable graduates to test and consolidate their skills in extreme situations, learn new and specialised leadership skills and initiate sustainable personal development.

Our courses combine elements of military leadership with the latest scientific approaches of modern adult education and intensive psychological counselling in a unique combination. Find out more at About us.

Lupus Dux specialises in offering exclusive courses for executives who want to put their existing skills to the test in extraordinary challenges far removed from everyday life and who want to surpass themselves.