About Lupus Dux

Our mission ...

… as a training institute for leadership and specialised skills is to provide executives with the skills they need to act and lead with confidence even in times of crisis. Our training programmes are based on the principle of “Expedition Individuation”: this combines scientifically sound approaches with elements of expedition character in the Namibian wilderness. Through this instrument and the extraordinary and extreme environment, the content is conveyed, experienced and consolidated in an intense and sustainable way. This strengthens “individuation” – i.e. the “self-development and integration of various personality traits” – and triggers transformative learning processes.

Our methods ...

… are scientifically sound. The managing director and graduate andrologist (Adult Education) Thomas Keller and his team of psychologists and active and former military leaders have designed the Lupus Dux personnel development concept on the basis of scientific findings on leadership development and developmental psychology. In addition, most of them are active or former officers and military leaders in the German Armed Forces and therefore have a wealth of experience in practical implementation. We concentrate on psychological concepts that have proven themselves in practice and under pressure.

Our clients ...

… are managers, their high-performance teams and individual executives and personalities. What they all have in common is that that they want to surpass themselves and experience an extraordinary adventure far away away from everyday life. At Lupus Dux, like-minded people come together to spur each other on to become the best version of themselves.

Our drive ...

… stems from founder Thomas Keller’s personal experience that his military skills and leadership expertise have also proven to be highly relevant and applicable in other areas and have contributed significantly to his professional success. The networks he has forged with his comrades in extraordinary situations and by overcoming common challenges have also proven to be particularly durable and reliable. In particular, officer training and elements such as the combat survival course (EKL) have created a stable community that has met every year since the training and on whose support the group can always rely. This certainty provides a lot of energy, inspiration and security for challenges and also in times of crisis. He would like to pass this experience on to other leaders through Lupus Dux. Our courses are therefore not only about individual development and self-awareness, but also about building valuable and lasting networks.

The founder: Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller’s professional career has been characterised by the topics of leadership, training and lifelong learning. He was an active officer in the German Armed Forces and studied education and educational science (andragogy / adult education) in Hamburg, Vancouver Island (Canada) and Windhoek (Namibia). Thomas Keller also has many years of international professional and management experience in more than 15 African countries, most recently as Country Director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Namibia-Angola. As a reservist, he regularly deputises commander and head of the “Bravo” student department (educational science, psychology and history) at the Helmut Schmidt University of the German Armed Forces and in this role is responsible for the leadership and training of around 800 junior officers. Thomas Keller also lives the principle of lifelong learning in his own everyday life: most recently, in 2021, he completed further training as a personal protection specialist (IHK) in Berlin in his role as team leader.

Lupus Dux is based in Hamburg and his adopted home of Namibia, which he has known since his early youth and through numerous expeditions, and where he has lived and worked permanently since 2016.

The psychologist: Fabio Ibrahim

Fabio Ibrahim is a rather unconventional psychologist and, in addition to his scientific career, has gained extensive experience in working with specialised military and police forces. His expertise lies in differential and personality psychology, aptitude diagnostics, stress management and systemic counselling.

Fabio Ibrahim accompanies the participants through highly stressful situations and helps them to internalise these experiences and build self-efficacy. It is these highly emotional experiences that we remember in the long term and which have a lasting effect on our behaviour and our self-concept. We need to actively seek out these experiences and use them purposefully in order to develop ourselves further!

Fabio Ibrahim has lived and worked in Hamburg since 2015.