Cooperation Training

The foundation for our Expedition Individuation training courses is built not only upon modern adult education and psychology but also upon skills and expertise from the military and close protection domains. In this context, in collaboration with our international experts and partners, we offer tailor-made specialised courses (upon request) in the field of security and leadership training for companies and authorities.


Lupus Dux - Protection Solutions & Training

Your Global Security Partner with a Heart for Africa and a Base in Namibia

In today’s world, marked by dynamic geopolitical shifts and intricate economic landscapes, even businesses can rapidly become targets of global interests. Given the limited number of international enterprises equipped with standalone security divisions, it becomes paramount for their personnel and business development departments to grasp and internalize essential safety protocols, especially when operating in vulnerable regions. Situated strategically in Namibia, our subsidiary, Lupus Dux Protection Solutions & Training, serves this very purpose, priming participants for deployment in challenging territories.

Our dedication is to fortify enterprises and their teams, providing them with the tools required for missions in crisis zones. The spectrum of services we offer include:

Expatriate Preparation
Tailored for individuals and business development units venturing into high-risk environments, especially Africa. This comprehensive training, suitable for travellers, expatriates, aid agencies, governmental bodies, and journalists, covers areas like risk sensitization, management strategies, legalities abroad, emergency provisions, communication tech, and psychological support. The course is steered by seasoned professionals, including ex-military personnel, psychologists, and former leaders from global organizations, offering not just expertise but invaluable on-ground experience.

Risk Analysis & Security Consulting for Africa
From our vantage point in Namibia, we design security blueprints tailored specifically for the African topography, with a keen focus on the Sub-Saharan region. Our offerings cater to international entities, foundations, embassies, and businesses operating globally. We also delve deep into advisory roles for major infrastructural projects like ports, mines, and railways.

Training & Consulting
Our commitment stretches beyond immediate solutions. We empower local security entities through training, aid in pinpointing the right local allies, undertake thorough security checks, and train your teams in situation-specific awareness across African territories.

Close Protection
Our services in this domain are twofold. Firstly, we provide intensive training for your personnel, preparing them meticulously for operations in Africa. Secondly, should the need arise, we make available our own top-tier experts, especially for your CEOs and VIPs, ensuring unparalleled protection during their travels.

With our extensive know-how, backed by our strategic presence in Namibia, our goal is to shape, guide, and protect the security pioneers of tomorrow.

Condition Black Academy

Our partner in Germany for security and personal protection training.

The instructors of the Condition Black Academy possess many years of experience in the field of training for close protection officers in the private sector. This includes, among other things, theoretical specialist areas as well as tactical basics, close combat, first aid+, driving training and everything to do with holistic shooting training for future bodyguards.

Furthermore, training has already been carried out for the German Armed Forces as well as for the German Foreign Office at home and abroad.


WorkMotion is our partner in Hamburg and is considered the most challenging HR developer in Germany. WorkMotion training offers the experience of extreme conditions, decision-making when resources are scarce and communication as well as leadership under adverse circumstances and represents an enormous mental challenge and growth opportunity.

The offer is especially aimed at executives and high-performance teams who are no longer satisfied by the usual seminars and who want to face new challenges.

The WorkMotion training includes a preparatory workshop (1 day), the outdoor intensive training (3 days) and the transfer workshop (1 day). The core team consists of two psychologists, two military experts, two logisticians and an emergency paramedic.

Lupus Dux and WorkMotion work together intensively. We are united by the goal of effective leadership development through the creation of extraordinary reference experiences. We stand for intensity, effectiveness and professionalism.